VIDEO: 5-year-old, 2 others survive being hit by car in Oakland crosswalk

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A violent crosswalk crash involving a child was caught on camera in Oakland.

Surveillance cameras on Oakland's Lucky Three Seven restaurant captured a car plowing into three people last week.

Jackie Velasquez, 20, her younger cousins and sibling were trying to cross Fruitvale and Brookdale Avenue.

"I thought I was gone," said Velasquez.

"I couldn't really move because I saw my ankle was open. It was bleeding." Carla Mendoza and Velasquez launched on impact.

Mendoza's five-year-old brother was pinned under the car. "He's in the ICU at Children's Hospital right now," Mendoza told ABC7 News.

He's suffering from spinal injuries. The family was simply walking home from getting ice cream when they entered the crosswalk. Both women feel responsible.

"I could've walked home instead. I could have just waited or something," said Mendoza. "The guilt is just-- it's hard."

Nolan Legaspi witnessed the crash and learned Friday the people survived. "I'm extremely surprised," he said. "And prayers out ever since that night."

He says the faded and poorly lit crosswalk is a problem. "This is extremely dangerous."

"Death was so close, but it's not your time yet. Just keep living. You still have a long way to go," Velasquez added.

Velasquez and Mendoza will both have to postpone their college plans for medical care. The driver stayed on scene. It's unclear if he's facing any charges.

Click here to help the crash victims through their GoFundMe page.
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