Sideshows expected in East Bay this weekend, agencies bringing in more officers

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Police say social media has tipped them off that there may be sideshows in the East Bay this weekend with people coming from all over the state.

Swarms of motorcycle riders took over roadways late last month. An ABC 7 News viewer shared cell phone video recorded Hayward. Police arrested five people and impounded vehicles. But, it hasn't slowed sideshow activity, more is expected this weekend.

Oakland Police Captain Randell Wingate says the street stunts stretch the department thin. "If you're a victim of a minor crime you're still going to have to wait. It'll backlog us for an entire day till we can get to you to take that report," he explained.

Vallejo resident Dylan Troyer has witnessed several sideshows and said he doesn't mind the vehicle stunts. He did say sideshows can turn dangerous. "I've seen a couple sideshows where they've pulled firearms out and gone shooting and hanging out the car too and spinning donuts. That's ridiculous you shouldn't have to do that to have a good time," said Troyer.

Sideshows have shut down the Bay Bridge, freeways, and city streets. There have been shootings and robberies related to sideshows police say.

"That sounds like a pretty dangerous situation so I think we should stop it somehow," said Sharon Hind-Smith, Emeryville resident.

OPD and the California Highway Patrol are bringing in extra officers and resources this weekend.

"When you have helicopters and planes in the air you cannot outrun them so they will just patiently wait for you to stop and we will take your car and you will go to jail," said Capt. Wingate.

"They're going to do it regardless whether it's legal or not legal," said Berkeley resident Jose Ruiz. He suggests finding a venue in order to keep the sideshows off the street.

In the meantime, OPD says it's working to deter participants and spectators.
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