49ers fan and artist drawing Jimmy Garoppolo everyday until he's traded

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Monday, April 11, 2022
49ers fan drawing Jimmy G everyday until he gets traded
Artist and 49ers fan Rita Carvalho drew a photo of Jimmy G everyday, many of them involving iconic pop culture moments, hoping for a possible trade.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- After the 49ers loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship, it was a forgone conclusion by many that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had played his last game with the team. With Trey Lance waiting in the wings, many experts predicted Garoppolo would be traded during the off-season.

With that thought in mind, a Portuguese artist by the name of Rita Carvalho got an idea.

"I started doing this just for fun," said Carvalho who goes by the username of @ritaoak_art on Twitter and Instagram.

Rita was encouraged by her boyfriend Felipe, who is a huge 49ers fan, to draw a photo of Jimmy Garoppolo everyday until he got traded. The idea and first drawing was initially shared on Reddit a few days after the 49ers postseason run ended. From there, the traction on her Garoppolo posts grew and so did the demand for drawings and ideas.

"It got a lot of love and people really liked it, so I started Jimmy G everyday until he gets traded."

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Just one small detail, at the time of this publication, Garoppolo has yet to be traded.

With the current NFL quarterback carousel seemingly complete for now during this point of free agency and ahead of the NFL Draft, Garoppolo is still on the 49ers roster and it could remain that way deep into summer, training camp and even the regular season.

"I draw them (the drawings) on my iPad using on Pro Create (app). I mean I try to make fast drawings, but at this point some of the references are turning a little bit more detailed and complicated so I think I spend at least one hour a day drawing the Jimmy G drawings," said Carvalho.

When asked if the daily drawings were still fun or becoming stressful, Rita maintains the biggest stress is trying to post a daily drawing at the same time.

"Sometimes ideas are difficult and I struggle," said Carvalho. "That's the stressful part, because the drawings are actually funny."

Rita says she's a big fan of Garoppolo not only for his play but also admits she admits his looks did catch her eye.

"Oh my God I don't know," Carvalho reacted when asked if she actually met Garoppolo in person. "It would be a dream come true of course. I've been drawing him everyday and I've been a fan, not for long but long enough I think. But just for him (Garoppolo) to know my drawings exist, would be a dream come true."