Pranksters create fake PG&E website with phony press release

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An elaborate prank was played on PG&E Wednesday when a fake website was created and a phony press release was published.

The page mirrors PG&E's website, though the URL is slightly different from the utility's actual site.

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A press release on the website says former President and Chief Operating Officer Geisha Williams was donating $2.5 million to Camp Fire victims.

We emailed the address for press inquiries that was listed on the release - that generated a response - which thanked us for our inquiry and to please call a number for more information.

That number actually belongs to PG&E.

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ABC7 News called PG&E and their officials said the story is fake and they're looking into it.

This comes as PG&E plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help them deal with liability from wildfires.

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