18-year-old student stabbed near Mount Diablo High in Concord

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A senior at Mount Diablo High School flagged down a friend on campus this morning because he was suffering from a stab wound. A district spokesperson says an on-campus security officer then saw him, called police, and then administered first aid.

Police say the student has a shallow stab wound to his abdomen and is expected to be OK. He is recovering in the hospital.

Investigators say the stabbing did not happen on campus, but in front of a Mini Mart store on Pacheco Street in downtown Concord. They say he then drove himself to campus for help. They got the call at 7:56 this morning.

Officers have not been able to interview the victim.

"It's very early in the investigation to say what motivated this or what really happened. We know about his wound and approximately where it happened. We will have more details later today and be able to do an updated press release," said Lt. Mike Kindorf of the Concord Police Dept.

They did not recover the weapon.

School is open today and was never placed on lockdown.

"There is no public safety issue here at the school today," said Lt. Kindorf.

A school district spokesperson says she wants students to know that the school is a safe place to seek help, full of responsible adults who are there for the kids.

The victim is 18-years-old. His name has not been released.
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