SoCal ice cream craze comes to Bay Area with Cauldron Ice Cream setting up shop in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Clear your phone's memory and make way for a sweet photo op. Cauldron Ice Cream is setting up shop in San Jose.

"We're bringing a new experience to having ice cream," Cauldron Ice Cream San Jose owner, Gurpreet Bola told ABC7 News.

"The way we present our ice cream is very creative. We make it into a rose shape," she explained. "And people just love how we present it to them."

Bola and her crew of 22 are making Instagram-worthy ice cream roses. Selling flower-shaped scoops, nestled in Hong Kong-style egg waffles. The shop calls the waffles, "puffle cones."

"We have the original, red velvet and churro," Bola said. "So, depending on which ice cream you're having, we have different puffle cones to compliment that."

Each cone is cooked to perfection.

East Bay resident John Keh and his family stopped by the shop. His review of the puffle cone, "Crunchy outside, and really soft inside texture."

There are 14 ice cream flavors, all made to order. Two of the flavors change every three months.

Crews use liquid nitrogen to make it happen. During the ice cream making process, smoke is another shot for social media.

"She was snapping all the pictures," Keh said, pointing to his wife. "I just like to eat."

But many customers say it is all about the visuals. Even the drinks at Cauldron Ice Cream come camera ready.

Bola showed ABC7 News what goes into the shop's signature "Middle Earth" beverage. A layer of strawberry jam, a blue milk drink, topped with matcha made for a colorful drink.

Some quick tips: you'll want to expect a line. When you have your order in hand, find a favorite wall as a backdrop and snap away.

Then close out of Instagram and enjoy your ice cream.

The most popular flavor is Sun, Moon and Stars.

"It's a combination of Jasmine, Oolong and Green tea," Bola explained.

San Jose resident, Gabriel Young was one of many to stop and take pictures of his sweet treat.

Young told ABC7 News, "I think that just blows my mind-- combining, especially the milk tea fascination of the Bay Area with the egg puff fascination. So, I just had to come down."

Cauldron Ice Cream San Jose is located at 1088 E. Brokaw Road in San Jose.

The shop is hosting its grand opening on Saturday, May 18 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
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