As SF begins proof-of-vaccine mandate, here's how to show proof from your phone

There are plenty of ways to prove you have been vaccinated, aside from showing the paper card.

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Saturday, August 21, 2021
What forms of proof-of-vaccine are accepted in San Francisco?
There are plenty of ways to prove you have been vaccinated, aside from showing the paper card.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Franciscans and those visiting the city are now required to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, and indoor events with more than 1,000 people. It has been a long time since I have been carded when going into a bar or restaurant, but that is the new normal now.

So, how do you prove you have been vaccinated? Well you can bring your vaccination card and show that, but "The City" is certainly not boxing you in.

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There are plenty of ways to prove you have been vaccinated, aside from showing the paper card. You can take a picture of your card with your phone and show that. You can also show a digital vaccine record issued by the state of California.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has also approved three digital vaccine cards: CLEAR HealthPass, CommonPass and VaxYes.

Catesby Perrin is with Clear. "So when you have to walk around with private data and have pull out cards in your wallet, we think we can do that in a more secure and more frictionless way," says Perrin. "Instead of having to worry about that CDC card -- did I lose it, where's that photo -- here's my ID as well," he says. "We can make that seamless, frictionless and it's simply a credential in the APP you pull that up you show your blue digital vax credential with clear and you're in."

VIDEO: How to show proof of vaccination in San Francisco or anywhere in California

Many indoor businesses in San Francisco and other parts of California are requiring proof of vaccination. Here's how to get your digital card.

With restaurants, bars and entertainment venues on the front line, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is helping to chart The City's course.

Rodney Fong is the Chamber's President & CEO. "At the Chamber of Commerce, we believe in technology and science and we believe that we should use every tool possible that, when we have it available to us," he says.

Fong says the card mandate will help local businesses in these tough times.

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"The vaccine mandate creates a safe space," he says, "there are many patrons of restaurants, including myself, who want to go to a space where we know that there are folks in the room that are vaccinated as well. It's a safety consideration."

I downloaded all three digital vaccine cards. It was simple and took no time at all. If you want the State of California Digital Vaccine Card, click here.

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