Consumer Catch-up: major Ford F-150 recall, Lyft launching scooters, bigger pay raises

Ford recalls two million F-150s

The best-selling vehicle in the U.S. is under recall.

Ford says its F-150 pickup trucks have a seat belt issue. The seat belt pretensioners can create sparks when they tighten, which could cause a fire.

Ford is recalling about two million of the F-150s, model years 2015 - 2018 Regular Cab and SuperCrew Cab vehicles.

The company says it knows of 23 cases of smoke or fire in the U.S. and Canada. Three trucks were destroyed.

Owners can take the trucks to the dealer for a fix.

Lyft launches scooter service

Ride sharing service Lyft is now an electric scooter company. Lyft launched scooter service Thursday in Denver.

Uber is reportedly close behind, with plans to launch its own scooters within a few weeks.

The scooters could help reduce traffic congestion in cities, and are popular choices for commuters traveling short distances.

They could also complement public transportation options. Lyft will offer a discount for riders starting or ending their trip near transit.

It will cost users $1 to unlock a Lyft scooter, plus $0.15 a minute during the ride.

New job, bigger pay raise

Now more than any time since the Great Recession, getting a new job may be your best chance for a big pay raise.

The Associated Press says people who switch jobs are getting pay raises one-third larger than raises for people who stay in their current position.

That gap is the widest since the Great Recession.

The best industries for big raises? The AP says retail businesses and restaurants are being more generous than manufacturing employers.

Many economists expected pay raises to rise, as companies try harder to keep employees on board. Instead, pay raises have remained relatively stagnant.

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