Consumer Catch-up: MoviePass runs out of cash, Southwest firm on perks, Amazon testing group Wish Lists

MoviePass couldn't pay tickets Thursday

MoviePass scrambled to recover from a service outage, after the company could not afford to pay for its users' movie tickets Thursday.

The company offers daily access to movies in theaters for $10 a month. MoviePass charges a monthly fee, then reimburses the ticket costs directly to theaters.

Its parent company, Helios and Matheson, says MoviePass borrowed $5 million Friday to cover costs.

Stock has tumbled since news of the company's difficulties making ends meet.

Friday morning, MoviePass stock opened at just $3.58 a share.

Southwest holds firm on perks

Southwest is looking for ways to keep profits up while dealing with rising fuel costs. Still, the company is holding firm on some of its best-loved perks.

In an earnings conference call Thursday, CEO Gary Kelly said the company has no plans to start charging fees for luggage, assigned seats, or ticket changes.

Southwest did not reveal any specifics for how it plans to make more money. In the past, the company has added options like Early Bird Check-in and Priority Boarding, which come with additional fees.

Amazon testing group Wish Lists

Soon, Amazon may let your family collaborate on that Wish List of gift ideas for mom or dad.

Some users have seen the option to add others to their Wish List. Then everyone involved can add or remove items

It is a much-asked-for feature on the site. Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch it is testing the feature with a "small number of customers."

No word when the option may be available for all users.

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