Manila earthquake: 6.1 magnitude quake strikes Philippines, at least 8 people reported dead

MANILA, Philippines (KGO) -- A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Manila on April 22, 2019, killing at least eight people.

A four-story building collapsed and rescue teams are trying to reach people trapped in the rubble.

The video shows another building swaying from the quake. One woman said she got dizzy from the movement.

Other footage shows water from a penthouse swimming pool, spewing from the rooftop down to the road below.

People rushed out of buildings to the streets in large crowds, but the evacuation appears to be relatvely calm.

The government is urging everyone to stay calm as rumors of death and destruction are gaining some traction online.

The rescue efforts underway right now are happening in the Province of Pampanga, the hardest hit area.

That is where eight people have died and an estimated 20 are hurt.

The region is also dealing with power outages and flight cancellations.
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