Concern grows over evacuations of US citizens, allies from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

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Saturday, August 21, 2021
Families still fear for loved ones in Kabul after Biden's pledge
Bay Area families are still desperately trying to get their loved ones out of Afghanistan, even after President Biden's promise to get them home safe.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Today President Joe Biden assured Americans that everyone that needs to evacuate from Taliban controlled Afghanistan will be saved, but families are still desperately trying to get their loved ones out.

Evacuation flights are leaving the Kabul airport to get American citizens and Afghan allies out as quickly as they can.

The speed of these evacuations are seen as a literal life or death situation.

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We spoke with a woman at the Afghan Coalition office in Fremont. She did not want to be identified as she fears more repercussions for her family members as she tries to get them out of Kabul.

"It's very bad, it's very dangerous for the people," she said. "They are going home to home to find someone that is working with the US or any other country and then they are killing them. They killed my family member. He worked for my government people. They find the identity card and then they shoot him by gun."

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A physician's family in Afghanistan is speaking to ABC7 News about the terrifying situation there.

Congressman Eric Swalwell and his team hosted a town hall meeting with the Afghan Coalition today to learn more about how they can assist with the evacuations. Swalwell's office has been aiding in the evacuation process throughout this crisis.

He suggests evacuating first and verifying the refugees second, is the best way to get people out fast and safely.

"Right now it is tugging at our heart," Congressman Swalwell said. "Let's get them evacuated out of harms way to Qatar, to some of the other countries that have been kind enough to host these refugees, verify their status, but don't leave people on the ground because they couldn't check every box."

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Facing backlash on the handling of the situation in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden assured every American citizen, Afghan ally, partners and people associated with the US will be evacuated -- even if that keeps US troops there longer than expected.

"Let me be clear, any American that wants to come home, we will get you home," President Biden said.

As for this Bay Area woman's thoughts?

"I'm just praying," she said. "If we wait for this, they will destroy everything."

This week, the City of Fremont established an Afghan Refugee Help Fund to raise money for direct assistance to Afghan Refugees who are arriving to the Tri-City area (Fremont, Newark, and Union City) from Afghanistan. The Help Fund will be managed by the City's Human Services Department, which will work with local Afghan partner organizations. The public may make donations on the City's website, or by check. Checks should be made out to City of Fremont, with AR Help noted in the memo, and mail to City of Fremont Human Services Department, P.O. Box 5006, Fremont, CA 94537-5006.