'So scared': Family stuck in Afghanistan describes horrifying situation in the streets

AFGHANISTAN (KGO) -- A physician's family in Afghanistan is speaking to ABC7 News about the terrifying situation there.

The family's son and brother are living in the Bay Area and full of worry about their future. They hope to get them to safety.

"The situation is not good in Afghanistan, we're so scared," says a young woman who we can't identify, because she fears retaliation from the Taliban.

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Thousands packed into the Afghan capital's airport on Monday, rushing the tarmac and pushing onto planes in desperate attempts to flee the country.

Her brother, Hamid Ansary works for Marin County-based nonprofit Roots of Peace.

She says the streets of Kabul are not safe.

"We can't go out without a man, we don't know what will happen next week, next day."

Their mother is a well known, longtime physician in Kabul. She says her practice has been diminished.

"Because of of the Taliban, she can't treat men anymore, tough situation for patients suffering," said Ansary translating.

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A former interpreter for US troops in Afghanistan explains the likely fate for Afghans who assisted the United States.

She says patients have reported atrocities committed by militants.
"They were raped and returned to families," said Ansary translating.

Hamid fears for his mother and two sisters who are on the move.

"Taliban is going home by home, searching for gold and girls, they're moving from one home to another," said Ansary.

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This family is desperate to get out of the country. Their Special Immigration Visa is in process.

They hope the U.S. military will stay and protect them.

"If we have them here, it'll be good for Afghans, especially girls because they need their freedom," said the sister.
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