New evidence found in 8-year-old Oakland girl's 2013 murder

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The family of an 8-year-old girl who was shot and killed in Oakland is reacting to surprising new evidence in the trial against her suspected killer.

Darnell Williams insisted investigators re-examine his cellphone records. They did, and found new evidence linking him to the murder of Alaysha Carradine

The people rested on Wednesday. Alaysha's grandfather Jeff Barnes says he's a bit dumbfounded by this twist but not entirely surprised. He says the man accused of shooting and killing his granddaughter has pulled a few shenanigans during the trial. He's hoping this latest one will bring the family justice.

"She was remarkable," said Barnes while referencing his favorite photo of his granddaughter, in which she flashed a smile and peace sign. "She touched everybody's lives in some sort of way."

Williams is accused of shooting and killing Alaysha in 2013. The door was riddled with bullet holes. Two other children and an adult were injured.

Alaysha's murder trial is underway.

"Some of the evidence is really heart-wrenching," said Barnes.

Now there's new evidence. Williams insisted investigators re-examine his cellphone records.

"The phone is one of the main pieces of evidence that I've seen that got him into the trouble," Barnes said.

In 2008, ABC7 News covered Fremont Police Officer Ken Bryant when he was a student studying cellphone forensics.

Now the digital computer forensic expert, Bryant re-examined William's phone and found more images of guns that could have been used in Alaysha's murder.

"I haven't seen that many cases where someone tried to bring up evidence almost on theirself," said Barnes.

Williams' defense attorneys did not support his idea. They tell ABC7 News they're now prevented from speaking to the media because of a gag order.

"He doesn't seem like the brightest person," said Barnes.

Alaysha's grandfather says he's not able to attend court every day.

"Any step closer to closure is good news, great news," he said.

For the family of the little girl known as ladybug, closure is justice.
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