Signs of support greet Albany students after protest over racist Instagram page

Saturday, March 31, 2018
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Signs of support and unity greeted students at Albany High School as they headed into class today.

ALBANY, Calif. (KGO) -- Signs of support and unity greeted students at Albany High School as they headed in to class today. It was a welcome bit of warmth for those who are feeling nervous about being there after being horrified by racist messages targeting specific students.

"If these people are this racist and horrible they're def (sic) anti-trans and anti-LGBT. I am worried about my safety and I am still worried about the safety of my black friends," Albany Senior Marian McClellan said.

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Administrators recently discovered a student created Instagram account described as racist that mostly focused on minority students. It had been up for about two months.

"There was a picture of me next to a gorilla," one student said.

Hundreds of students staged a sit in and rally yesterday. The anger boiled over when the students accused of liking the Instagram page were surrounded by furious students as they tried to leave from a meeting.

One mom said her son's nose was broken during the confrontation. The superintendent says she is investigating, but another rally is planned for today which students hope will help them start healing.

"It is terrible. I am depressed. It was hard to get up, but you have to keep going and we are unifying as a school, which I think is great," Albany Sophomore Jamaica Kalika told ABC7.

One mom said this morning her heart is broken that this happened, but that her daughter walked in today with confidence.

"She feels supported by her fellow students and friends and teachers and the community as a whole," Monique Belle said.