Apple store thefts caught on video in Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Police have released video they hope help will help them track down thieves targeting Apple stores in the Bay Area.

The first incident was on Black Friday 5:40 p.m., three men enter and they get to work swiping iPhones and iPads off the tables. Shoppers and employees stand there, not getting involved. The thieves are in and out in 11 seconds.

The second incident took the same Apple store this past Tuesday. Four thieves run in and start grabbing stuff. Two employees usher a woman shopper away from the thieves. They are in and out in 16 seconds.

Police said the phones will be tough to track.

"You go to the stores, they are not going to lock the phones. They want you to see it because they want you to buy it, so they want you to play around with the phone. So more than likely there may not be any ID lock," said San Francisco Police Officer Carlos Manfredi.

Security guards were seen monitoring the Chestnut street store. Police say what's happening may be the work of a theft ring.

A similar attack happened at the Corte Madera Apple store also on Black Friday. Police put the loss there at $40,000. If you have any information, contact Corte Madera or San Francisco police.
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