Nancy Pelosi holds troop rally in SF

January 13, 2008 7:25:36 PM PST
It's being called a new direction for the new year and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came home to San Francisco to rally the troops."We must elect a Democratic president so we can end the war and bring our troops home safely and sound," says Pelosi.

Democrats have been unsuccessful so far, giving President Bush the money he wanted to keep troops in Iraq, even though they promised a fight.

However, the President got what he wanted and Democrats did not.

"That's right. He's the President. He can withhold or sign legislation. We need a new President to sign legislation to bring out troops home," says Pelosi.

During this afternoon's get-together at the Westin Saint Francis Hotel, Democrats were quick to point out accomplishments and opportunities.

"We fought. We changed the debate on the war in Iraq and we got rid of Rumsfeld," says Pelosi.

Patrick Lloyd Hatcher, a professor of national security studies at USF, thinks the speaker will be able to get mileage out of her call for a new direction in the new year, even though past efforts weren't successful.

"Well, I guess among her die-hards, she has credibility in that they see her as a complex person in a complex world. She might want something they want but can't deliver because it requires more than one vote in the house," says Hatcher.

And that's going to be the message heading into the November election. Democrats won't be able to bring change unless there is a Democratic President and more Democratic members of Congress.