Pistachio company guarantees open nuts

February 8, 2008 7:45:48 PM PST
The problem with pistachios is that sometimes they are hard to get open. Well, 'Everybody's Nuts' has a guarantee against that.

7 On Your Side's Michael Finney put a product guarantee to the test.

On the back of every box they have this guarantee: "100% open or it is on us. If you find a closed nut in this package, just sent it to us, along with a proof of purchase, and we'll send you a free box of nuts."

Sounds like a challenge, so our 7 On Your Side interns got to work. We bought three boxes of Everybody's Nuts and had a quest to look for the holy grail of free stuff, we are looking for: closed nuts.

However, the company does seem to have a grip on the whole 'open nut' thing.

We found only one closed pistachio we found in the three boxes, but earlier we had gone through two other boxes, but we found one that seemed halfway closed.

"They say a 100 percent open and that is not 100% open," says Ashton Bothmen, 7 On Your Side intern.

Like a jeweler eyeing a diamond, eventually we decided it is in the gray area, but we would send it in anyways, along with that one we found one that was fully closed.

We wrapped our pistachios in bubble wrap, filled out envelopes, and sent them off.

A few weeks later, we have received replies to both of our returns.

It is not a box of nuts, but a letter:
"Please be assured we will be working with the pistachio in an effort to get him to open up. Our counselors have had great success with bio-feedback techniques."

Along with the letter, there was a coupon for each of the nuts we returned.

So, Everybody's Nuts came through. If you know about a guarantee, feel free to let us know at 7 On Your Side.