Empowering images of women

February 12, 2008 5:18:14 PM PST
Self confidence can be hard to come by. Most women would admit to wanting to change something about their body. That's why one Bay Area activist is working hard to promote positive and empowering images of women through film and global issues. San Francisco's First Lady to be, Jennifer Siebel, joined us on the show.

Learn how you can help activists like Jennifer Siebel promote positive, empowering and substantive images of women.

About WICinema
WICinema offers the film festival experience of quality independent films delivered to your doorstep. The goal is for Intelligent, worldly, curious individuals to be inspired by entertainment and embrace "the film festival that never leaves town". The primary focus of WICinema is to support female storytellers and those who explore the female experience through film. WICinema selects award-winning independent films and delivers them directly to their customers' homes. The films selected promote positive, substantive and empowering images of women through film and address global issues such as environmental degradation. A sample of WICinema's award-winning feature films and documentaries include trailers of these films, such as "The Shape of Water and Blue Butterfly" can be viewed at: www.wicinema.com

Jennifer Siebel
Siebel's lifelong commitment to social and environmental justice has taken her around the world. While receiving both her BA and MBA from Stanford University, Siebel researched and analyzed third world development and conservation policies. After college, she worked in several nations with Conservation International, a global environmental organization, establishing Peace Parks and conservation corridors. Most recently, she introduced the micro-enterprise model to female entrepreneurs in Southern Africa and Latin America, enabling further economic independence. She can currently be seen in the Paul Haggis/Warner Brothers release "In the Valley of Elah" and on NBC's "Life."

WICinema's Independent Film & Documentary Club
Each month members receive one DVD comprised of four films (one feature film, one documentary, two short films, and a brief interview clip). Shorts and full-length features can be enjoyed anytime. The DVDs are $21.00 per month. A percentage of all membership fees will be donated to support women filmmakers and to organizations that inspire social and environmental responsibility. Membership is available at: www.womensindependentcinema.com/join

Girl's Club Entertainment
Founded by Jennifer Siebel, a company that develops and produces feature films, documenatires adn tV shows with strong social, political and cultural messages.
Email: girlsclubentertainment@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 398-2668