'The Gutt' gets the boot on 'Dancing'

April 1, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
It's been a tame season so far, until Tuesday night. Kristi Yamaguchi talkin' dirty, and she's not the only one; an injured dancer braves the press line, and -- Was that an innocent kiss or a scandal just brewin'?Before all that, let's say goodbye to "The Gutt."

"I'm a better person because of this show," said Steve Guttenberg.

Steve Guttenberg became this season's third casualty on "Dancing with the Stars." But not to Steve, who loved every minute of it.

"Life is a really incredible opportunity and you've gotta make the most of it all the time," said Guttenberg.

Adam Carolla seems to have the same theory. He just puts it a different way.

"It's one of these where I'm on a lucky streak and if I crap out, I still leave the table with a whole lot of chips and a beautiful woman on my arm," said Carolla

Carolla is dancing with Julianne Hough. Her brother Derek hurt his neck during a rehearsal day and had to bow out of performing with Kylie Minogue.

"Might have somebody step in next week. It might be a 'Dancing with the Stars' first, you know? Who knows?" said Derek Hough. "I'm a little bit on a few medications so I'm a little spaced out on painkillers and muscle relaxants and it's really painful."

"I'm making him put his neck brace back on," said Shannon Elizabeth.

Cristian de la Fuente hates the Tuesday night waiting game just as much as his partner.

"You know, I'm not losing weight because of dancing or rehearsal, it's because of standing up there on Tuesday. I start sweating, shaking. It's horrible," said de la Fuente.

Marlee Matlin is already working on next week's dance. Stay out of her way!

"I try to be the one to crack the whip, and he cracks it right back and then I crack the whip, and he cracks it right back," said Matlin.

"I got a bigger whip!" said her partner, Fabian Sanchez.

But wait. There's more.

Sweet Kristi Yamaguchi is planning to surprise the judges with her Paso Doble next week.

"I'm determined to get Bruno to see my 'dirty girl!'" said Yamaguchi.

Marissa Jaret Winokur is excited to be coming back for more.

"I said I would have voted for him last night. I said, if I watched the show ..." said Winokur. Then she and Cristian touch lips. "Scandal! Yes, I have a scandal! Cristian de la Fuente kissed me on the lips. Woo hoo!"