The right way to dispose of e-waste

With Earth Day approaching and spring cleaning on our minds, ASL Recycling is making its dozens of GREENspot e-waste drop-off locations available this coming weekend (April 19-20).

For more information, visit:

To get you started, here's a how-to guide:

STEP 1. Go to and enter in the ZIP code of where you live (or where you will be running errands) this Earth Day weekend - Saturday & Sunday, April 19-20, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

STEP 2. Choose a convenient GREENspot e-waste drop-off location. Some GREENspots are non-profit and offer tax-deductible receipts. Others will also let you recycle your bottles, cans, paper and other consumer goods. But all of them are free for e-waste.

STEP 3. Drop off your e-waste for free. Feel good that you cleaned out your closet and helped contribute to making Planet Earth a better place.

ASL Recycling is making e-waste recycling free and easy by establishing a statewide network of GREENspot e-waste drop-off locations and orchestrating locally focused public awareness campaigns. With 70 GREENspot e-waste drop-off locations statewide, ASL Recycling has diverted more than three million pounds of e-waste away from local landfills this year alone. If you're wondering about data security, rest assured that all your personal data in any e-waste item will be destroyed.

What to recycle, and why

E-waste includes TVs, cell phones, audio-video components, computer equipment, microwave ovens, electronic equipment from offices and labs, and more. These items are potentially toxic to the environment and by choosing to recycle them, Californians can help divert e-waste from landfills. All GREENspot drop-off locations feed their e-waste to ASL Recycling's state-approved plants, which use an environmentally friendly e-waste recyling process that dismantles and prepares electronics for recycling. For more information, go to

About ASL Recycling and the GREENetwork

ASL Recycling is dedicated to providing consumers and businesses with the easiest, most accessible, and most trusted e-waste recycling program in the country. Every month, ASL Recycling prevents hundreds of tons of e-waste from being dumped into local landfills by collecting old electronics and preparing it for recycling. All of the material received at ASL's state-of-the-art plant is dismantled: hard drives are crushed, materials are sorted and then sent to smelters that transform e-waste into salable goods.

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