Pelosi blasts Bush over gas prices


San Francisco's Meals on Wheels turns out more than 1,300 meals a day to seniors. But now there has been a dramatic rise in expenses.

"Our costs have gone up 40 percent, but even more so, the indirect costs of driving food costs is really taking a big hit on us. Almost a nine percent increase in food costs in just one year," says Ashley McCumber of Meals on Wheels.

McCumber joined /*Speaker Pelosi*/ Monday to dramatize the tough times businesses are having because of fuel costs. The speaker blames what she labels the Bush-Cheney big oil agenda, using graphics to point out gasoline prices have more than doubled in the Bush administration.

"This is a scam of the greatest magnitude," says Speaker Pelosi.

Rising gas prices affect groups like the Boys and Girls Club that is cutting programs to save costs, a small businessman who finds himself being priced out of competition or a caregiver who can't afford gas to get to clients.

And for other Meals on Wheels programs around the bay, hikes in fuel costs have meant fewer deliveries. They can't find volunteers who can afford to fill their tanks.

Prices at the pump are a pain for all of us, but Speaker Pelosi is accusing President Bush of policies that have driven up the prices, and says she has a solution to bring prices down immediately,

"Mr. President, do not fill the strategic petroleum reserve with oil at record highs. Instead, take out the oil that we brought at a lower price to bring down the price of oil, to reduce the price at the pump," says Speaker Pelosi.

Just last week we stopped filling that reserve. /*President Bush*/ is at the /*G8 Summit*/ in Japan. He has advocated drilling in Alaska.

"We can help alleviate shortages by drilling for oil and gas in our own country," says President Bush.

"You know full well if you could drill in the Arctic Refuge it would save two cents 20 years from now," says Speaker Pelosi.

Gas prices, a political and pocketbook issue once again this election year.

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