Frozen fruit popsicles taste test


Frozen fruit bars are not only low in calorie, they're refreshing. Good Housekeeping had volunteers try strawberry fruit bars from eight different brands. The favorite among the testers turned out to be 'Chunks O Fruiti Gourmet Fruit Bars.'

"The first ingredient listed is strawberries, as opposed to some of our other samples where water comes first," said Samantha Seneviratne, Good Housekeeping. "I really like this fruit bar because it has real chunks of strawberry in it and the texture is creamy and it's a little sweet but not too sweet," said a taste tester.

"I liked this one because it was creamy but it still tasted like I was eating fruit," said a taste tester.

And the best thing about it, it has just 90 calories. Also getting high marks was whole foods market '365 Frozen Fruit Bars' it has only 110 calories.

"I like this one because it tasted like the perfect mix of strawberry ice cream and also strawberry good for you kind of fruit," said a taste tester.

One more note about the winning Chunks O'Fruit frozen fruit bar. It had zero fat, zero cholesterol, and no preservatives.

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