'G-Phoria' program has come a long way

It's a humbler affair now, with no rock bands, red carpets or acceptance speeches, just "X-Play" hosts Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler at a podium. It's a lot like this year's strike-crippled Golden Globes ceremony.

But G4 goes through the motions anyway, asking its viewers to pick the year's best games. Because of the weird mid-August scheduling, most of the "G-Phoria" nominees were released in 2007; most big 2008 games still haven't been published.

And the game-of-the-year winner is ... "Halo 3"? Really? To their credit, G4 viewers did give three prizes each to "Rock Band" and "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots." Isn't democracy awesome?

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