Holiday mantel decor

The mantle can be one of the best focal points in your home for holiday decorating. Our house doctor Lisa Quinn shows us how to save some money by using what we already have at home.

Lisa's tips:
Use what you already have around your home:

  • Find old trophies and fill with greenery or ornaments.
  • Use candlestick holders to put small pumpkins or ornaments on top.
  • Use vibrant and festive dish towels as a base on your mantel.
  • Anything shiny and fun will work well for Christmas Decor.
  • Bring the outdoors in by grabbing leaves or loose flowers from your yard to put in jars or vases.
  • Fill an empty vase with different colored popcorn kernels. Layer them for a fun look!
  • A cute idea is to use coffee cups as vases.
  • Use wine glasses as votive holders.
  • Use napkins as decor.

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    Ornaments $4.99-$14.99
    Silk flowers $7.99-$14.99
    Straw pumpkins $12.99
    tea towels $7.99
    stockings $14.99 each

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    Mirrored stocking Holders - different styles under $10.

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