Contractor abandons family mid-project


Goodlow is recovering from a severe wound that could take a year or more to heal, and doctors have ordered Goodlow to strict bed rest.

Two years ago, Goodlow and his mother moved into his grandmother's home in Oakland. The family hired Trappco General Contractors in San Leandro to remodel her home to accommodate Goodlow.

But the work remains incomplete; Goodlow's mother says Trappco has not done any work for a year.

"He just quit, he didn't call or nothing," Leora Clay said. "And from then on, it was never; "I come when I feel like it."

The stuccoing on the home stands incomplete, grey sewage from the garage disposal that leaked onto the side of the house; Trappco never even completed the wheelchair ramp.

"God forbid anything happen back there, my grandson would be in serious trouble," Gracie Madden said.

Madden says Victor Trapp of Trappco kept asking her for money to complete the work. She gave him $91,000 for the entire project, because she says she trusted him.

"I'm really hurt, and I'm disappointed; you just don't do people like that," Madden said. "Senior citizens are old people, we've been in this world too long to be used and abused like that."

7 On Your Side contacted the Contractor State Licensing Board on behalf of the family; it suspects Trapp abandoned the job.

"We suspect he has taken money before the job was completed which is against the law," board spokesperson Rick Lopes said. "We suspected he's aided and abetted some unlicensed contractors in the process of this as well."

Trappco declined to be interviewed on camera but says the family is difficult to work with.

Trapp denies abandoning the project and says he was fired by the family.

A contractor inspected the house as part of the state's investigation and he found problems with the stuccoing and the window installations.

"This is actually another good example of faulty workmanship," John Schneider said.

Trapp is said to be cooperating with investigators.

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