Volunteers help on Christmas Day


A holiday story that's not about shopping, but about the true spirit of Christmas.

Volunteers at the Salvation Army in San Francisco are busier than usual this Christmas. They're packing up meals to feed 3,400 people -- that's 800 more than last year, and they're doing it with less money.

"Twenty percent below to what we were last year. We actually have more donors who are giving but they have been smaller gifts," said Joe Posillico from the Salvation Army.

They need money, but they also depend on people giving their time. Volunteers showed up at 4:00 a.m. to start assembling the holiday meals.

"It feels like giving something beyond shopping or giving money or giving gifts to family. It's just doing something in this world," said volunteer Rick Nahass.

The meals are for elderly people who can't get out and make it to a meal at Glide Memorial Church. The Salvation Army is also serving more of a new client this year, one that doesn't really feel comfortable in a big environment.

"We are seeing more families than we have in the past. We are seeing children involved as well in some of the deliveries," said Posillico.

The fun part is the delivery. Reggie Swamy has been doing this for more than ten years.

"It adds a great deal to my Christmas that's how I get smiles on my face, and that's what bring smiles to myself is giving to other," said Swamy.

The Salvation Army is hoping that Christmas spirit will motivate more people to give some money during these tough times -- so they can make it through the next year.

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