Pro-Palestinian protestors march in SF

January 5, 2009 11:44:32 AM PST
Another demonstration is underway in San Francisco Monday against the violence in the Middle East.

The marchers started early Monday morning outside the Israeli Consulate on Montgomery Street, before a march to the Federal Building.

The protest has been peaceful but certainly not quiet. About 200 protestors marched in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. It has been a loud passionate rally.

A core group remains outside the Federal Building where the three-hour march ended.

One representative was let inside to try and meet with Nancy Pelosi's staff to ask that U.S. aid to Israel be ended. That person was let back out and told that in 45 minutes three representative would be let back in to hopefully meet.

The march stopped traffic during the morning commute all along Market Street.

"As a human, as a Jew, both, I'm just astonished at what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people," protestor Sarah Carlson told ABC7.

"I'm really frustrated and annoyed. I need to go to work," said commuter Lynette Pugh.

Buses were lined up four deep along Market and Montgomery. The whole crowed moved up Market Street to the Civic Center area and on to the Federal Building on Golden Gate.

Some of the protestors said they were willing to be arrested.

Many people remain outside the Federal building as well as a large police presence. The protestors plan to stay there until their voices are heard.