BART protestors hitting streets again

January 13, 2009 11:36:20 AM PST
Oakland police met Tuesday with organizers of yet another protest scheduled for Wednesday.

Demonstrators will hit the streets again over a BART police officer's fatal shooting of 22-year old Oscar Grant on New Year's Day at the Fruitvale BART station.

Police are taking steps to ensure calm, after violent demonstrations happened on both sides of the Bay.

The meeting between police and protest organizers was to ensure that Wednesday's 4 p.m. protest at City Hall does not descend into violence the way it did last Wednesday.

On January 7, anger boiled over during the first protest after the killing of Oscar Grant. Cars were set on fire. Windows were broken at business. 105 people had been arrested by the end of the evening, when police moved in to break things up.

In contrast, a protest with more restraint was held in San Francisco Tuesday night. Several dozen people marched and chanted, accusing a BART police officer of brutality in the shooting death of Oscar Grant.

There were no major acts of violence during the protest.

During a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning, organizers of Wednesday protest at City Hall say there will be speakers, chanting, prayers, a march to the District Attorney's Office, and a moment of "civil disobedience" in order to convince the DA to file criminal charges against Johannes Mehserle.

Mehserle is the former BART police officer who fired the fatal shot on New Year's Day and then resigned from the force.

14 other cities will hold days of "non-violent solidarity."