Mini-trampoline fitness

January 13, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Are you looking for an easy way to exercise in your home that not only burns calories, but is appropriate for all fitness levels and can improve coordination? Trampoline Circus Center instructor and personal trainer, Jim Donak, shares his top 10 trampoline fitness tips.

Jim Donak's top 10 tips:

1) Be a wise consumer and be sure to know what you are purchasing and purchase equipment that will meet you needs. Specifically with rebounders, the price closely matches the quality. With regular and demanding use, poor quality rebounders may have a life expectancy of only a few months.

2) Before using your rebounder inspect it. Check over the springs and their attachments, make sure the legs are securely attached and the frame is sound

3) Regardless of where you use your rebounder be aware the environment. Note and correct any potential hazards around, underneath, and overhead.

4) Be mindful of the rebounder's stability. Rebounders can tip over if weight is at the perimeter. Rebounders that slide if pushed on at an angle so be sure the rebounder in on a non-slippery surface.

5) If you have any health of orthopedic issues, be sure to check with a health professional to find out if rebounding is appropriate for you.

6) Prepare for body prior to getting on the rebounder. For many people who exercise regularly little or now warm-up is required, but if you just beginning a exercise programming, or are recovering from an lower body injury take time to warm up your joints and tune on you ability to balance prior to doing using the rebounder. You good posture and proper body mechanics. Stop once your form and /or your ability to balance begins to suffer.

7) Have fun! You'll use it more often and longer. If you don't enjoy it your rebounder will end up collecting dust before too long. Be creative, explore different patterns, find moves that are challenging but not dangerous, dance.

8) One of the great things about rebounder is that they are portable. If you know others with a rebounder, find a time when you can all get together and rebound, even if only once a month. Take turns leading the workout, you'll get to share your new moves with your friends and be challenged with moves you may not have thought of or tend to avoid.

9) Use you rebounder regularly and frequently

10) Keep the rebounder in a handy location. If is it ready you will use it more often. If you leave if out make sure to prevent unsafe and/or unsupervised use when you are not using it.

About Jim Donak:
Jim Donak is currently teaching trampoline at the Circus Center Tuesday evenings. Trampoline is offered three nights a week. Private instruction is also available. Check out for more information.

Jim Donak can be contacted at In addition to teaching at the CC and he has a private practice that includes fitness/rehabilitation instruction and manual therapy.