29 arrested during daytime curfew sweep

January 30, 2009 12:47:21 PM PST
Law enforcement officers in Fairfield cited 29 minors Thursday during the enforcement of a citywide daytime curfew ordinance aimed at reducing gang activity and teenage truancies, according to police.

Among those cited for violating the ordinance were six juveniles on active probation, two found in possession of marijuana, one caught in possession of alcohol and another determined to be illegally drunk, according to the Fairfield Police Department.

Lawmakers enacted the city ordinance with the philosophy that reducing juvenile crime coincides with a reduction in juvenile victimization while at the same time attempts to protect the city's youth from the influences of gangs and substance abuse, according to police.

Police also stated that curfew enforcement motivates positive behavior in minors as well as parents by improving school attendance and "parental responsibility."