San Mateo Co. recognized as energy saver

February 3, 2009 1:33:41 PM PST
San Mateo County was recognized today for its efforts to conserve energy with a $418,344 rebate check from Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

The county also received a Flex Your Power award, which PG&E uses to recognize California businesses and government agencies that demonstrate successful efforts to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

San Mateo County has saved enough energy to power 250,000 homes for a year and has cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,400 tons per year. The added efficiency translates to an annual savings of about $450,000, county officials said.

The county's energy-saving measures have included switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, installing a computer power management program, and improving heating and cooling systems, county officials said.

The rebate check was presented to the Board of Supervisors at its open session this morning.

"This couldn't have come at a better time," Board of Supervisors President Mark Church said, referring to the county's financial challenges following the collapse of investment firm Lehman Bros. and subsequent loss of millions of dollars in taxpayers' money.