Lessons on relaxing Australian-style

February 4, 2009 4:39:37 PM PST
How do people "down under" rebalance and refresh themselves? A Walkabout!

What is a walkabout?
Sometimes you have to lose yourself, to find yourself. In Australia they call this going walkabout.

Australia's aboriginal people know as much, going 'walkabout' to reconnect with the land and their traditional way of life. For most of us 'walkabout' takes a form of a vacation - a time to rebalance and refresh.

These days you can go walkabout and get the same experience in one week.

Why go walkabout for one week in Australia?

It's Closer than you think - a meal, a couple of movies and a sleep

  • With direct flights from LAX and SFO into Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, flying to Australia from the west coast of America is only 14 hours, largely the same as flying to Europe.

    A One Week Walkabout will give you the perfect taste of Australia
  • Australia is roughly the same size as America - for those with limited time, a visitor should not attempt to cover the distance of Australia in one vacation.

  • Australia's east coast hubs of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offer American international travelers, specifically those from closer west coast USA, with unique and compelling reasons to visit for a fulfilling and authentic 6 night Aussie vacation.

  • Each city offers its own taste of the best of Australia: sophisticated and cultural cities, stunning coastal and mountain regions, unique nature and wildlife, world-class food and wine, indigenous culture, iconic journeys.

  • Brisbane is the perfect gateway city to get to know Australia's people, wildlife and Australia's most famous natural wonder - The Great Barrier Reef.

    It's a Good Value
  • Australian vacations are good value for American travelers. With its favorable exchange rate, you can easily spend a week in Australia without breaking the bank.

  • The American dollar allows American travelers to experience Australia in comfort and allows you to participate and explore a much wider range of activities and regions that when compared to a week's vacation in Europe.

    How do you plan a one week walkabout?

  • Australia.com offers a one-stop shop of One Week Walkabout travel planning.

  • Australia.com features deals, special 6-night packages, experiences to build your Walkabout, and video/pictures from people's past walkabouts,

  • OR you can call a friendly travel agent from Qantas Vacations, found on Australia.com

    Brisbane, gateway to the great barrier reef
    The sidewalk cafes and colonial architecture with verandas say it all - you can't beat sunny Brisbane for lifestyle. Here it's warm most of the year, it's easy to get around, and the locals are friendly. Yet despite the unhurried tempo of life, there is always something happening in the city whether it's dining by the river, dabbling in the arts or cuddling a koala at a nearby animal park. And just nearby are the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast celebrated beaches and the Irwin family's Australia Zoo.

    Brisbane is also a great gateway city to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. First step, find an island that suits your style. Once on the Reef, you may do nothing but bask in tropical bliss or fly in a sea plane over the world's largest coral system, to your own island. Whatever you do, don't forget to DIVE IN! It's an entirely different world under the water. Take a reef day trip out, snorkel, scuba, or paddle a sea kayak.

    Things to do:
    Brisbane City
    Gallery of Modern Art GOMA
    Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort - feed dolphins in the wild
    Rock climb on the city's river banks
    Cuddle a koala or hand feed kangaroos at Lone Pine Sanctuary

    Day trip or city add-on options (with activities per experience):
    Moreton Island- Surf sand dunes
    Australia Zoo - Visit the home of the Steve Irwin family, and their friendly wildlife friends
    Climb the Story Bridge
    Gold Coast - Surf Lessons
    Noosa on the Sunshine Coast
    Fraser Island- World heritage listed, meet the dingos or take a 4WD and explore the world's largest island

    Great Barries Reef - Island Escape
    Heron Island - Serious nature lovers and divers
    Lizard Island offers seclusion, and romance
    The Whitsundays - 74 islands in this chain. Qualia resort on Hamilton Island is pure luxury & indulgence
    Dunk Island - family fun

    For more information:
    Website: www.australia.com