Pregnant woman killed in Puerto Rico

February 5, 2009 9:44:16 AM PST
A pregnant woman from San Jose was kidnapped and killed in the Caribbean.

Sara Kuzak was born and raised in the Bay Area. She went out for a jog on her first day of a Puerto Rican vacation.

The victim left the Bay Area five and a half years ago and moved to Savannah, Georgia. That's when her parents say she met the man of her dreams and started the life she was meant to lead.

The 35-year-old arrived in Puerto Rico on Tuesday. Her fiancé, was already there, working as a ships' captain. Their plan was to sail to the British Virgin Islands this week, relax, and then get married there on March 14th.

On Wednesday, Kuszak woke up and went for a jog in Fajardo, in eastern Puerto Rico. That's when police say a man, Eliezer Navedo kidnapped her and put her into his trunk. The victim managed to call for help, but by the time police tracked the call through the cell phone signal, it was too late.

"Today around 3:30 I received a call that somebody kidnapped a woman in a car. Around 10:30 we found a body of a young woman, around 30 to 35-years-old who was naked to the waist down, and we found somebody cut her throat," said Agent Arsenio Rodriguez, from the Fajardo Police Department.

The suspect was arrested a short time later. He was found with blood on his clothes.

Meantime, Sara's family in San Jose is devastated by what's happened. They last saw Sara at Thanksgiving. They say she was looking forward to becoming a mother in May and continuing her career as a sous chef.

"She's in a different mold, so there's no copy cats of that one, had more drive and more success than her brother and sister," said Phil Lang, the victim's step father.

Police are not saying if the victim knew the suspect. Kuszak's parents insist she did not and that this was a random act of violence.