Inside "The Bar Method" fitness craze

February 19, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
You can now do the latest fitness craze at home! Moves from "The Bar Method" that will get your body sleek, toned, and defined like a dancer.

Exercises featured on the show:

-- Thigh-work targets the quads and calves.

-- Fold-over works the glutes, hamstrings and core muscles.

-- Arabesque works the upper glutes plus the traps (trapezius), obliques, erector spinae muscles, hamstrings and quads.

-- Kick-stand curls work the abs, glutes and hamstrings with an emphasis on the rectus abdominis (an ab muscle). Reverse push-ups work the triceps.

About Burr Leonard:
Born in 1947, Burr Leonard is the founder of the Bar Method. She became a Lotte Berk Method student in 1981, opened a Lotte Berk Franchise in 1992, and established The Bar Method, along with partner Carl Diehl, in 2001. She now oversees the opening of Bar Method studios around the country, produces Bar Method DVDs, and writes about fitness.

About The Bar Method:
The Bar Method goes beyond Pilates and Yoga in offering a healthy heart, flexibility, and a strong core. It also sculpts the body including carved muscles, lifted seats, flatter abs, hightly defined arms, and firm, elongated muscle mass. At a time when physical fitness experts have concluded that the development of muscle is the way to good health and longevity, fighting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, The Bar Method has become a significant player in fitness.

The Bar Method Exercise Studios get more than a half a million student visits annually at 22 urban locations that include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and its presence on the national scene is growing. Founder Burr Leonard expects another 10 locations, more of them franchises to open in 2009.

Now the Bar Method Media Company ahs released two new exercise DVDs, "Change Your Body", and "Accelerated Workout." Designed to create the lean, defined body of a dance, Burr guides home users through a series of precise, targeted, fat burning exercises that they can perform by holding onto a study piece of furniture, with no bar required. The new two-dvd set makes it possible for anyone with a dvd player or computer to achieve the distinctive "Bar Method look" without the expense and travel involved in attending classes.

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