Planning for your retirement

March 2, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Planning your retirement these days is much different than the way our parents did it. Ken It's not all about money. Ken Dychtwald, author of "With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life," explains why it's not all about money.

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Dr. Ken Dychtwald is hosting a special (same title as his book) on KTEH on Wednesday, March 4th.

We're entering into an era of women power -
One of the more extraordinary differences between today's working Americans and any previous generation is the women-who are more highly educated, more financially empowered, more activist, and less reliant on men than ever before. Goods and services that have always been historically male-dominated-automobiles, technology, financial services-are about to be taken over by female consumers with a good deal of maturity and experience. That will be a massive change in the market...and this starts well before retirement;

Women are now leading more cyclic lives -
Today's women changed majors in college and change careers every several years. Reinvention comes naturally to them and they will reinvent themselves again and again. Embracing change and new opportunities is much more the norm than it was for our mothers and grandmothers.

Keep learning and growing -
The number-one cause of aging is not atherosclerosis-hardening of the arteries-but "psycho sclerosis," the hardening of the attitudes. Seeking to learn the new technologies, taking an interest in the lives of other people, continually stretching yourself, trying new things, and growing-that is what will keep you on the most satisfying life path.

Relationship planning is just as important-maybe more important-than financial planning -
You can have all the money in the world and a great apartment or home, but if there aren't people in your life whom you care about and who care about you, you'll have a miserable time. How do you take a vacation with another couple if you've never done it? How do you create intimacies with family members who might live at a distance? How do you forge new friendships with people from different backgrounds or different generations? The art of creating fantastic and purposeful relationships is something we all could be better at.

About Dr. Ken Dychtwald:
At the forefront of the study of aging, longevity, and retirement for 35 years, Dr. Ken Dychtwald has emerged as North America's foremost visionary and original thinker regarding the lifestyle, marketing, healthcare and workforce implications of the age wave. He is the internationally renowned psychologist, gerontologist, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of fifteen previous books on aging-related issues, including Age Wave: The Challenges and Opportunities of an Aging Society, The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life, Bodymind, Age Power, Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent and -- a children's book -- Gideon's Dream: A Tale of New Beginnings. His new book is entitled WITH PURPOSE: Going From Success to Significance in Work and Life (Collins, March 2009). He recently made his debut as a documentary filmmaker on PBS as producer/host of the highly acclaimed "The Boomer Century." His new pubic television special "With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life" will air nationally during the March 2009 Pledge, to coincide with the book release.

Ken Dychtwald has served as a fellow of the World Economic Forum and he is the recipient of the distinguished American Society on Aging Award for outstanding national leadership in the field of aging. American Demographics Magazine honored him as the single most influential marketer to baby boomers over the past quarter century. His article in The Harvard Business Review, "It's Time to Retire Retirement," was awarded the prestigious McKinsey Award, tying for first place with the legendary Peter Drucker.

In 1986, Ken became the founding President and CEO of Age Wave, a firm created to guide Fortune 500 companies and government groups in product/service development for boomers and mature adults. His client list has included more than half of the Fortune 500. His explorations and innovative solutions have fertilized and catalyzed a broad spectrum of industry sectors?from vitamins and cookies to automotive design and retail merchandising to mutual funds and health insurance.

During his career, Dr. Dychtwald has addressed more than 2 million people worldwide in his speeches to corporate, association, social service, and government groups. His strikingly accurate predictions and innovative ideas are regularly featured in leading print and electronic media worldwide, including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Financial Times, Fortune, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Inc., U.S. News and World Report, The Economist, HK Daily News, South China Morning Post, The Standard, The Straits Times, "60 Minutes," "Oprah," "Good Morning America," "ABC World News Tonight," "Today Show," PBS, NPR and BBC.

Through his highly acclaimed presentations, his breakthrough research and consulting initiatives, and his leadership within both the social science and business communities, Ken Dychtwald has dedicated his life to battling ageist stereotypes while promoting a new, vital and meaningful role for life's second half.