Tips on healthy and affordable meals

March 3, 2009 8:01:10 AM PST
You can eat healthy without breaking your budget - some money saving tips for the kitchen.

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Cooking a healthy meal doesn't mean you have to use fancy equipment.

"Grilling and steaming are great ways to cook healthy because you can cook fish, vegetables or meat without adding any extra fat. And you don't need to buy any special equipment to do them," said Paul Hope, Good Housekeeping Institute - in fact something as simple as a microwave can be your best friend.

"Vegetables actually cook faster in the microwave than they do on a stovetop or in a steamer," said Hope.

He says add a tablespoon of water, cover it and microwave for five minutes for every pound of food. And during the cold winter, a heavy cast iron skillet can be used to grill indoors.

"Preheat the cast-iron skillet on medium high heat for about 3 to 5minutes and then add a teaspoon of oil," said Hope.

Flip the steak once until it's browned evenly on each side.

One more tip, the folks at Good Housekeeping tell us that boneless chicken breasts and fish filets come out great cooked in a microwave.

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