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March 11, 2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
The economy is down and so are our attitudes. While the current climate may be rough, our perspective can still be uplifting and positive. Dr. Brenda Wade and her husband Gerald Harris, believe that we just need to change our way of thinking, and their answer is quantum thinking.


The economy is down and so are our attitudes when it comes to money, work, relationships and just life. While the current climate may be rough, our perspective can still be uplifting and positive. Simply put, we need to change our way of thinking-we need Quantum Thinking. Along with her husband, economist and futurist Gerald Harris, Dr. Brenda shows us how to think in your most creative, constructive and unlimited way about your life, money and business. By combining the principals of Harris's new book, The Art of Quantum Planning: Lessons from Quantum Physics for Breakthroughs in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership, with Dr. Brenda's on-the-ground advice and relationship expertise, we will gain the tools to become your most positive, successful self.



- Quantum Principle--Non Duality: Things appear distinct but are not separate. Light is both a particle and a wave, so the smallest packet of energy that makes up the Universe is integration, not duality.

- Real Life Application: Be careful of going to "my way or the highway" extremes. Continuous openness in relationships leads to better understanding.


- Quantum Principle--Speed versus position: You cannot simultaneously know both the position and momentum of a quantum particle, measuring one affects the other. Changing your point of view changes all the measurements as well.

- Real Life Application: Since key aspects of the market place (customer values, competitive actions, \introduction of new technology, etc.) are always changing, you cannot assess things in relation to each other for long-term, but rather just the present. Instead try open, learning-oriented planning in all business.


- Quantum Principle--The Interconnected Field of All Possibility: Everything in the Universe is in one interconnected system that keeps the big forces such as gravity and electromagnetism in balance. What is possible cannot be limited by any one factor, no matter how strong we think it is. Balance will eventually come.

- Real Life Application: The old adage of "what comes around goes around" is basically true. We are all interconnected and what we do matters to us and others. No person is an island, so think more broadly and in responsible way and seek support.


- Quantum Principle--The universe is not confined to time, time is an illusion created by our minds to allow coordination, measuring and prediction. There is no clock in the universe keeping time; it's relative to where you are.

- Real Life Application: There is no required order of things, only sequence made up in your mind. Any time you feel trapped by a particular order that immobilizes you, realize you can rethink it, change your assumptions, and try to do something out of order. Learn and stretch outside the boundaries you are imposing on yourself.


Gerald Harris, Dr. Brenda Wade and Barbara Russo combine their business and personal development expertise to bring you this extraordinary one-day event that can change your success ratio forever. In this seminar, you will gain powerful, practical, scientifically proven tools and information for understanding how to accelerate your personal growth and how you can become a more strategic asset to your business or organization.

Here you will:

  • Understand your growth quotient
  • Learn how to understand and expand out of your comfort zone for growth
  • Gain tools for diagnosing your strategic importance to your business / organization
  • Acquire tools for making a more strategic contribution to your business / organization
  • Learn the breakthrough skills needed to master personal and business integration and to truly see the success you desire in your business and in your personal life.

Also, not to be missed - Gerald Harris will give an early preview of the new ideas from his new book, The Art of Quantum Planning, Lessons from Quantum Physics for Breakthroughs in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership.

When: Saturday, March 21, 2009 , 10 am - 4 pm

Where: Oceano Hotel, Half Moon Bay, CA

Full Fee: $395

Special Offer: $295 when you register by March 13th

Three Ways to Register:
Web: www.docwade.com/html/calendar.html
Phone: 415.775.4866
Email: love@docwade.com

About Dr. Wade:
Dr. Wade is the NBC Today Show's Family - Relationship Expert, and regularly appears on shows such as Oprah and Good Morning America. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Wade hosts Black Renaissance on the CW network, and is regularly interviewed by multiple news channels on various health issues.

Dr. Wade is both producer and host of the PBS television pledge special Power Choices. She also hosted the nationally-syndicated television program "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" The program was based on the column of the same name which has run in the Ladies Home Journal magazine for over 40 years. The San Francisco Chronicle described Dr. Wade's demeanor on the program as "?always knowledgeable, selectively tough or sympathetic." The Boston Globe stated Dr. Wade's manner on the show mixed with "the magic of television, encouraged [people] to respond?," and that the show had an "odd integrity", not often viewed in a TV talk/relationship program.

Heartline Productions, Inc. was founded by Dr. Wade to produce quality media programs that focus on transforming lives.

For more information, visit www.docwade.com.

About Gerald Harris:
A world class strategic planner, futurist and management consultant leads strategic management projects for private industry, government, and non-profits both domestically and internationally. Prior to his consulting career he was a strategic planning executive with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Author of the soon to be published book, The Art of Quantum Planning: Lessons from Quantum Physics for Breakthrough Strategy, he has an MBA from the University of Chicago and currently serves on the Board of the Hoffman Institute, a leader in personal growth and development processes.

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