Web networking revolutionizing job search

March 18, 2009 12:58:06 PM PDT
You know the old-fashioned way of looking for a job - call everyone you know, send out resumes, peruse job boards - but the latest networking trend uses web phenomenons Twitter and LinkedIn to exponentially increase your reach.

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Toss out a thought or perhaps a job lead into the Twitter-sphere. The idea is all about using social media tools, like Twitter to help yourself and others find a job during a time of rising unemployment.

"This is networking just like you've always known it, except that were just using tools that are on the computer and its faster," said Perrine Crampton, job seeker.

Perrine Crampton spent part of her morning with more than a dozen strangers at this pink slip mixer at the uWink restaurant in Mountain View teaching others the basics of how to use online social networking tools like Twitter. She was laid off in January from her job as a program manager at Symantec and is a firm believer in people helping each other through these tough times.

"With people saying 'hey I found this job, I'm not a good fit would you like this position?' That kind of thing is going on now. That is something I really hold onto because it shows me that there is good in humanity," said Crampton.

San Francisco-based recruiter Mark Thomas came to this event always with an eye open for new talent he says in this economy and job market - networking is key to finding your next job.

"If you don't network, whether it be socially online or in person through networking events like this, it's going to be next to impossible to be able to find the next job," said Mark Thomas, recruiter, Work Your Career.

The mind behind this pink slip mixing event is Edwin Duterte after he lost his job in commercial real estate just over a year ago, he started organizing these networking events -- he's held ten in Southern California - this is the first in the Bay Area.

"If I get other eyes to look for you maybe you'll find a job faster than if you just look for yourself," said Edwin Duterte, organizer, Pink Slip Mixers.

And to help pay it forward he encourages job seekers to not only meet each other face-to-face, but use social networking tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and their cell phones to build an online cache of contacts and in due time hopefully find that next job.

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