Using mediation as a stress reliever

About Larry Yang:
Larry Yang teaches meditation retreats nationally and is a core teacher and leader at East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC) in downtown Oakland. Larry is also trained as a psychotherapist and has previously worked extensively in the San Francisco public health system.

Meditation benefits:

1. We cannot slow the world down but we can slow our internal process down

2. We can learn how to relax in the midst of turmoil, stress and overwhelm.

3. All wisdom and spiritual traditions have a meditative component that ultimately affects our physical, mental and spiritual health.

4. It can be done anytime, anywhere.

5. "Five, five and five" - meditation for Five minutes a day, Five days a week and for Five weeks - and see how your life is affected.

Tips on how to meditate:

1. A soft position that keeps your body erect, but not over-straining nor conducive to sleep.

2. One does not need to sit on a cushion, chairs are fine. If one uses a chair, sit up straight.

3. Start with the breath. The body will eventually breathe itself without any extra effort.

4. Posture is both alert and relaxed. Relax and notice.

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