Tips for looking younger and beautiful

Eve Michaels' tips to look successful:

At Eve Michaels' Image and Beauty Boot Camps women are shown how to shine their beauty and unique qualities from the inside out. They learn what makes them special and get empowered by learning how to shop effectively and powerfully on any budget. They're taught beauty and image skills that last a lifetime.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Always remember, how you are perceived is how you are received!

  • You must always feel worthy of being beautiful!

  • Before you say a single word, your image has said volumes about you. You won't get a second chance to make a great first impression.

  • A great image is the most overlooked aspect of success. You must dress better now than ever! It is time and money well spent.

  • You have to look successful and wealthy, in order to feel successful and wealthy, in order to attract success and wealth.

  • Your image must match or exceed your resume, education, and expertise. Don't leave room for doubt about your abilities by having a negative image. Ask yourself, "Is my image consistent with what I am saying about my level of expertise?"

  • If your computer and cell phones are more current than your image, it's time for a new look!

  • During tough economic times, looking your best is a necessity, not a luxury! The people who look the most excellent, will instill the most confidence in their abilities.

  • The goal is to look powerful, modern, and pulled-together. You need to get noticed in a positive way.

  • A recent Wall Street Journal article showed that women who dress authentically feminine advance faster in their careers, than women who dress too masculine.

  • You must strive to look like a winner. Everyone wants to do business with successful competent people.

  • Fake it 'till you make it! You can buy good quality clothing at a discount (20-90% off) by simply:
    >> Shopping sales at Bloomingdale's
    >> Shopping resale consignment stores
    >> Shopping eBay

  • Allow yourself 30-60 minutes every day to prepare yourself to face the world. This will serve you well and give your confidence a daily boost.

  • Ask yourself the following questions before deciding what to wear:
    >> What will I be doing?
    >> Who will I be interfacing with?
    >> What is the weather?
    >> What message does my image need to communicate?
    >> Are the colors of my clothing and accessories flattering and energizing to me?
    >> Does this outfit make me look and feel my best?

  • Use a rear view mirror. Check yourself from all angles

  • Be objective about your image. Notice everything!

  • Your grooming must be impeccable! Nothing can make you look more professional than great grooming. Groom as if you were going on an interview or a first date, every single day.

  • Good grooming says that you take pride in your work.

  • Grooming checklist and tips:
    >> Hair color is fresh, no re-growth or roots showing (use colored hair mascara between coloring to cover unsightly re-growth)
    >> Eyebrows must be arched and facial hair waxed
    >> Fingernails must be manicured, buffed or polished. No chipped polish! Nails should be short and even.
    >> Toenails must be pedicured and polished if wearing open-toed shoes.
    >> Complexion must be fresh and glowing. (exfoliate and moisturize, take good care of your skin)
    >> Teeth must be clean and flossed and you breath must be fresh.
    >> Lipstick needs to be re-applied during the day.
    >> You must be clean and smell fresh. Use deodorant. (wear a minimal amount of perfume)
    >> Shoes and handbags must be polished and in good repair.(do not overstuff your handbag as it will make you look out of control)
    >> Clothing must be pressed, dandruff and lint free.
    >> Lingerie must fit well and not be seen. No panty-lines or bra-straps showing please.
    >> Pants and skirts should not hug your rear-end too tightly. Blouses mustn't gap at the bust-line.

  • Opt for quality, not quantity in your clothing. Quality clothing says that you do quality work.

  • Buy the best leather goods you can:
    >> Stylish shoes (heels are preferred)
    >> Handbag
    >> Wallet

  • Wear accessories that make an impact. Bold, interesting pieces will add instant panache and style to your outfit.

  • Be careful to not wear too many "points of interest" at one time. Anything on you that attracts the eye counts as a point. For example: if your blazer has fancy buttons, wear more simple jewelry. Don't give people too many things to look at. Direct where you want them to focus their eyes.

  • A great alterations person can work wonders with your clothing. Your clothes must fit impeccably.

  • Get dancer's soles put on all of your shoes. This will extend the life of your shoes, make them look newer longer and prevent slipping in your high heels.

  • All of your clothing must fit perfectly, be clean, ironed and in good repair.

  • Your makeup should be professional looking: well applied, nicely blended, in colors that flatter you. Stay away from very trendy, shiny, or loud colors.

  • Choose makeup colors that enhance your skin tone, compliment your hair and eye colors, and make you look more vibrant and healthy.

  • Get your teeth professionally whitened. At a minimum, use at-home teeth whitening strips. Have chips and cracks repaired. Image studies have shown that a beautiful smile makes a person Look more successful, more educated, and more professional.

  • A modern pair of shoes and handbag will update your entire look. Ask yourself if your shoes and handbags are going the same place you are?

  • When money is an issue, keep your wardrobe focused on good quality basics, in year round fabrics. Such as:
    >> Wool gabardine blazer, pants, and skirt
    >> A little black dress
    >> A white cotton blouse
    >> A cashmere pullover
    >> A fine merino wool or cashmere cardigan
    >> A silk or fine cotton shell or tank top
    >> Nice fitting denims
    >> An overcoat for cool weather

  • Put the most money into pieces that will give you the greatest image impact, longevity, and best cost per wearing.

  • Wear nude hosiery, thin opaque tights or very fine fishnet pantyhose for an updated look. Never wear black sheer evening hosiery for daytime. Avoid thick pantyhose as the nude leg is still very fashionable. You can wear leg makeup to make your nude legs appear smoother.

  • Add trendier pieces sparingly and spend way less on them.

  • You can't ignore trends or you will look out-of-touch. Being modern and trendy says you are up-to-date in your thinking and information.

  • Wear clothing that flatters your figure, enhances your coloring, accentuates your positive features and diminishes any negatives.

  • The right clothing can make you look thinner, taller, and more energetic. Choose wisely. The goal is to bring the focus to your face and hands!

  • Avoid plunging necklines, mini-skirts, see-through fabrics, and too tight clothing. It won't be appropriate for most working environments. When in doubt, err on the conservative side.

  • Stand up straight and walk proudly! Great posture will take years off of your look and make you look more confident.

  • Keep an emergency repair kit in your briefcase, desk or car. It should have the following in it:
    >> Hair brush and hairspray
    >> Toothbrush, floss and toothpaste
    >> Nail file
    >> Small sewing kit (like the free hotel kind)
    >> A few safety pins in various sizes
    >> Bandaids
    >> Sanitary napkins or tampons
    >> Deodorant and perfume
    >> Extra pair of pantyhose

  • Carry a small make-up bag in your handbag that contains:
    >> Lipliner, lipstick and/or lipgloss
    >> Pressed powder for touch-ups
    >> Dental floss or toothpicks
    >> Breath freshener
    >> Mini nail file
    >> Camouflage cream to brighten under eye area
    >> Don't wear cutsy clothing, logo t-shirts, wild prints, or evening fabrics to the office. Your clothing must be going the same place that you are!

  • Stay in your feminine! There is great power in being a woman.
    >> Enjoy having a great image and be proud of how you look!
    >> Always remember it's a privilege to look great. You deserve it!

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