The link between love and money

"Unlocking the Secrets of Love & Money" Workshop

There's a two-day intensive workshop to get what you want in love and money.

Whether your finances are in the red and causing conflict in your love life or you are lonely and struggling with your budget, these economic times are driving anxiety and stress home for so many of us. In this two-day intensive, a team of powerful speakers will open your mind to the hidden connection between love and money. In this seminar, you will receive very specific tools to change your thinking and your life in the two most important areas: love and money.

In this phenomenal, cutting edge workshop, you'll not only unlock the secret connection between love and money, you will learn how simple, easy to use ideas and tools from the world of quantum physics can give you a fresh approach to success in the two most important areas of your life: love and money. Shift your connection with love and money to get what you really want.

Event Info:

Three speakers:

Dr. Brenda Wade:
You've seen her on "Oprah," "The Morning Show" and much more. She wears many hats as a psychologist, television host, author, keynote speaker, retreat and seminar leader, and media producer. Dr. Brenda is a unique force in the world of personal transformation and has an international reputation and following. Through her blend of science, spiritually, and psychology, Dr. Brenda provides practical tools for immediate and lasting behavioral change.

Barbara Russo:
As a faculty member of NYU's coaching program, director of coaching for Dr. Brenda's power coaches, and executive organizational life coach, Barbara knows how to get you to where you want to go. She is the transition screamer, power-coaching high-impact executives, career professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals while empowering them to take their career game from now to WOW! When people look at their career and need to jump in, move up, or move on; Barbara supports and empowers them through their transition.

Gerald Harris:
A world class strategic planner, futurist and management Consultant leads strategic management projects for private industry, government, and non-profits both domestically and internationally. Prior to his consulting career, he was a strategic planning executive with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Author of the book, The Art of Quantum Planning: Lessons from Quantum Physics for Breakthroughs in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership, he has an MBA from the University of Chicago and currently serves on the Board of the Hoffman Institute, a leader in personal growth and development processes.

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