Attackers brag about salon beating


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The attack went on for five minutes. Two women took turns beating Melissa Seals in her Oakland salon last month. They punched her in the face, kicked her, and blocked the door when she tried to escape. Several women stood by and watched, while another videotaped the attack.

Seals believes an ex-boyfriend -- who was there that day -- set up the beating.

"The guy that was in the window, that was an old boyfriend and he sat here and watched them beat me like that," said Seals.

Seals is so concerned about what happened, she says she filed for restraining orders against her attackers and the former boyfriend.

Two women who claim to have carried out the beating called into radio station KMEL last week.

Sana G (KMEL DJ): "Which one was the one doing the karate kicks to the face? Was that you?"

Caller #1: "Right here, this my sister."

Caller #2: "... that was me, man. That b---- deserved everything they got, that she got. And if you would have been there and on the situation, you would have respected it."

The women told KMEL they went after Seals because she had discussed their sexual activity with their parents and other clients of the salon.

Caller #1: "Yeah, maybe we're wrong for going about it the way that we did, but she deserved every bit of that for the sh-- she talked about. When you're mad you react differently, when you're mad, and we handled it maybe the wrong way. But we're glad we did it because she -- she exploited our business to her clients."

"It's not about me no more. I just want them to not do this to nobody else," said Seals.

KMEL DJ: "What kind of trouble are y'all in right now?"

Caller #2: "None."

Caller #1: "None at all. None at all. We didn't kill the girl."

They may not be in trouble at this point, but Oakland Police want anyone with information about the attack to call the OPD Assault Section at (510) 238-3426.

For more on the story behind the attack and to watch uncut video, visit the I-Team Blog.

RAW VIDEO: Salon beating (Warning: Violence and strong language)

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