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The DTV conversion was completed in most Bay Area homes when converter boxes were installed and channels were rescanned this past Saturday morning. But for many Bay Area broadcasters there is still more work to be done.

"The primary antenna that we are using, the old analog antenna, is going to be replaced with a digital antenna, our primary antenna," said KGO-TV engineer Jack Fraser.

Fraser deals with this every day, so he makes his job sound a lot easier than it is. Sutro Tower stands 762 feet above ground and at the very tippy-top is what's called the candelabra; three antennas where several TV stations are broadcast. One is from ABC7 which must be replaced. For a few weeks, ABC7 will be broadcasting from the very top of the tower, but at a lower point on it.

"Now we compensate for the lower height with increased power, so in theory the coverage should be the same," said Fraser..

You caught the "in theory" part, right? If you have a problem call 415.954.7777 and we'll answer your questions. This will take about four weeks, but then other stations will take their turns and all of us, at times, will have to lower power and shift antennas. So what's in it for you?

"The good thing here is it is more designed for indoor antennas. So it will help people who are having issues with indoor reception. This will help them," said Fraser.

The work began Thursday afternoon.

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