VFTB Cares finalist: Michelle Carranza

July 3, 2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
Our first View from the Cares Celebration of Aloha finalist is a young woman from San Francisco who wanted to empower the children of Africa by helping to educate them. Michelle was inspired to help the children of Africa from a trip she had previously taken to Tanzania. Through her donation of time in helping the children of Africa, Michelle noticed that a majority of children living in Africa were not getting a secondary education. International Hand Foundation's primary goal is to help children in developing countries gain the benefit of a complete education. Education and literacy are key drivers behind the solutions to many of the world's biggest issues, including poverty reduction, improved health care, and sustainable economic growth.

As CEO and Executive Director, Michelle Carranza's goals with International Hand:

  • Provide scholarships to students in developing countries where basic educational needs are not provided by local government
  • Fund community development projects such as libraries, schools and clinics
  • Organize volunteers to participate in community development projects
  • Explore the use of modern communications and the Internet to spread awareness and create dialogue

For more information on Michelle's not-for-profit organization International Hand: www.internationalhand.org

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