What you need to know about 'sexting'

About sexting:

All across the country boys and girls are using the built in cameras on their cell phones to take nude and semi-nude shots of themselves and sending them to boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or classmates. It's called "sexting." And while they may just consider it to be high tech flirting, many teens have no idea that the practice is actually considered to be pornography and has very serious consequences. In some recent cases, young people were registered as sex offenders as a result of sending these types of text messages, a stigma that could haunt them the rest of their lives.

According to a report from Cox Communications and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, about one in five teens have engaged in sexting, and over a third know of a friend who has sent or received a sext. And, perhaps most disturbingly, about one in 10 "sext" senders say they have sent them to people they don't even know.

In light of these alarming revelations, a new survey from Lawyers.com is expected to reveal whether parents are aware of the practice and understand the dangers and legal consequences associated with this x-rated activity.

About Gloria Allred:

Gloria Allred is the most famous female attorney practicing law in the nation today, a tireless and successful advocate whose high-profile legal battles on behalf of victims whose rights have been violated have led to many landmark precedent-setting court decisions. Voted by her peers as one of the best lawyers in America, and described by Time magazine as "one of the nation's most effective advocates of family rights and feminist causes," Allred has devoted her career to fighting for civil rights across boundaries of gender, race, age and social class.

Gloria Allred is a three-time Emmy nominee for her commentaries on KABC television in Los Angeles, and she was selected as one of the most important radio talk show hosts in America by USA Today. She has won the presidential award from the National Association of Woman Lawyers and the President's Award for Outstanding Volunteerism, presented to her by President Ronald Reagan at the White House. She has been voted by her peers as one of the best lawyers in America.

Gloria Allred is a founding partner of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, one of the pre-eminent plaintiff civil law firms in the country, which has won national prominence through many precedent-setting cases.

Her law firm handles cases involving employment discrimination, including sex, race, age, physical handicap, sexual orientation discrimination, Aids discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. The firm is also well-known for their work on behalf of victims in civil rights, rape, child sexual abuse and murder cases.

Articles by her or about her have appeared in publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, The American Lawyer, The Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Herald Examiner and The London Times. In July 1990, Los Angeles Magazine named her "One of the 30 Most Powerful People in Los Angeles" and in 1994, "One of the 50 Most Interesting People in Los Angeles."

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