Holiday makeup looks

Rob's Night Time Look: Get a smokey eye with just the addition of a coal pencil and a little extra lip gloss with a little sparkle in it.

  • Foundation: Use oil free foundation during the fall and winter months that matches your skin. Use just a little bit because with a small amount you're able to get great coverage. Apply upwards near the eyes, across the cheek towards the ear, and down towards the jaw line.

  • Concealer: It acts as your own lighting director at home. Work it in up towards the cheek bone towards the temple. Fill in that triangle so you have your own light reflector no matter what light you step into.

  • Contour: With warm colors, blend together and immediately you get a prism of colors. Tap any excess off, and the perfect way to apply blush or contour is the ear tells you because its individual to everybody. So you pat out, from the earlobe, apple of the cheek and pat back towards the top of the ear.

  • Eyebrows: Balances out the face. Groom the brows with your chin up, lift it just a little bit at the arch, and here are your measurements. Flatten the pencil and right along the top of the eyebrow to give the shape. Comb them out and brush them back.

  • Eye Liner: If you want the perfect smoky eye, you start off with a kohl pencil. Smudge it over the entire eye, and then add the powder second. it gives you a good base, for the shadow. Flatten the pencil as you apply, that way it grabs on the root of the lash, then apply on the inside of the eye, and then smudge it, take your finger, smudge it up.

  • Black Liner: Take a very tight brush, dip the end, rather the side, then the end, and always dip a little bit of a taupe, a deep taupe and that blends out the black, tap it, look up, see, and then you just, see, exaggerate the eye line, look down, and apply that right in the lashline. And just, blend it with your finger.

  • Mascara: Put on last. I prefer Dior Show, because it is what they use on the runways, but also because you get the best lashes with the least amount of product. Don't pump the mascara wand, bring it out straight ahead and do the ends first because that brings out the length of the lash, so even if you like just a little bit of the mascara notice that when you do the tips, immediately the lash shows up.
Rob's Natural Look: Natural is not boring. Great effects with the most subtle amount of makeup . No matter what time of day it is and it's for any age.
  • Foundation: Dolce and Gabbana has powder foundation if you want a quick and easy makeup. First you start with the sponge, you just pat on quickly over the face, same technique as with liquid foundation.

  • Concealer: Choose a concealer most natural to your skin tone. Put on the corners of the face, tap it, bring it up and across face, and smooth in. Blend in any edges. With the same contour tap off any excess, then go out from the earlobe, and you bring it back towards the top of the ear. Do it on both sides of the face and the forehead.

  • Mascara: Bring iot out of the tube and apply to tips of eyelashes. A little bit of mascara goes a long way.

  • Lipstick: Use a little YSL, rouge pure, which is very hydrating but it has a good color. Don't stretch the lips, just purse them a little or smile like the Mona Lisa.
Rob's Tip:
One of my secrets for eternal beauty is Supremia by Sisley. It's like botox in a bottle and it works instantly for the skin. You take 2 drops… smooth it… you can use it for the eyes and for the neck as well. And the skin is instantly radiant and younger looking.

Makeup products used in segment can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue:

  • Sisley
  • La Prarie
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Revive
  • Dior
  • Cle de Peu
  • YSL
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