Four myths about spending QT with your kids

Myths about Spending Quality Time with Your Kids:
  1. Watching their games. Unless you are their coach and want to help them in that particular game.

  2. Watching TV or movie together. Unless this is something educational that you will discuss lessons learned afterwards.

  3. Shopping with them in the mall (girls) / electronic stores (boys).

  4. Being their drivers while being on your cell phone in the car and they are playing their games.

Suggested Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids:
  1. Tell your children a story -this can be even a story that happened at work and everyone can learn something from.

  2. Create something with your child; this could be doing work in the back yard or baking a cake (creating memories).

  3. Have dinner together every night and talk about what happened during the day. Listen to your children's stories and experiences - and share yours with them.

  4. Have family nights once a week with the entire family and use this time to plan common things for the family. Ask each other for support and feedback. Plan your next vacation or field trip, get your children involved in family planning.

  5. Find great role models for the entire family and read their biographies together - or read individually and discuss it at your family night.

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