8 warning signs of a vision problem

January 21, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Is your child having problems in school or seems to be a little bit clumsier? Optometrist Dr. Elio Polsinelli shares the eight warning signs your child may have a vision problem.

Warning Signs of Possible Vision Problems:

  1. Loses place while reading
  2. Avoids close work
  3. Tends to rub eyes
  4. Has headaches
  5. Turns or tilts head
  6. Makes frequent reversals when reading or writing
  7. Uses finger to maintain place when reading
  8. Omits or confuses small words when reading
  9. Consistently performs below potential
  10. Struggles to complete homework
  11. Squints while reading or watching television
  12. Has behavioral problems
  13. Holds reading material closer than normal

About Elio Polsinelli Jr., O.D.:
A part-time job working for an optometrist during college led Dr. Elio Polsinelli to his chosen field. "I remember being amazed that a patient could have 'leaky' retinal blood vessels with diabetes and could go blind!" he remembers. "But, with communication and education, the progression of disease and vision loss can be stopped." A graduate of SUNY College of Optometry, Dr. Polsinelli has practiced optometry for three years. In addition to full-scope optometry, he also focuses on infant, pediatric and vision therapy because, he says, "treating a young child with amblyopia and watching them develop better vision that they will use for the rest of their life is especially rewarding." Dr. Polsinelli looks forward to seeing numerous advances in vision care during the course of his career. In his free time, Dr. Polsinelli enjoys outdoor activities, especially rowing, and loves to cook and barbeque with friends.

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