Live big in small spaces

January 25, 2010 5:02:53 PM PST
Lisa Quinn shows us how to live big in small spaces on a budget!

Tips from Caroline Krogh-Jensen from BoConcept in San Francisco about big living in small places:

  • Wallcolor: Lighter colors create the illusion of larger spaces
  • Scaled down furniture: Look for a sofa with slim arms, and one that sits up as opposed to on the floor, will create an airier look
  • Choose glass accents: (ie. coffee tables or end tables) to create an airier, larger feel
  • Use mirrors to reflect windows: create more light, create illusion of bigger space
  • Accessories: less is more. De-clutter rather than clutter. Group like-colors together, choose one bigger accessory over small groupings.
  • Use multi-functional pieces: Coffee tables that havr storage underneath, a small ottoman that opens into a single bed, sofa beds, expandable tables for dining, etc.
Big change on a small budget:
  • Adding color through rugs, cushions, accessories, etc (very trendy right now)
  • Adding patterns to pop through textiles, rugs, etc.
  • Artwork for the walls can change the look of a space entirely
  • Changing bedding in your bedroom
  • Incorporate accessories - if you have smaller pieces (i.e. vases) group into odd number groups - 3, 5, 7.
  • Mix different colors and textures with textiles to make a more unique impact
  • Change the wall color
About BoConcept:

BoConcept is a modern Danish design furniture franchise that offers customized, coordinated and affordable design furniture and accessories to the urban-minded shopper.

Since opening the Bay Area's first BoConcept retail store in June 2008 with her husband, Caroline Krogh-Jensen has put her design skills and passion to work offering complimentary in-home design consultations to a variety of clients.

She has consulted and designed dozens of contemporary projects in and around San Francisco, including condo design solutions for clients at the Infinity, the Millennium, the Montgomery, the Arterra, SOMA Grand and numerous Eichler homes in Palo Alto.

In addition to several active client projects, she is also currently working on staging projects for the SFBlu and a new development at 829 Folsom.