No heroin found in brownies at Logan High School

January 27, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Union City police say the tainted brownies that made several high school students sick last week were laced with marijuana, not heroin.

The news came on the same day two young people were arrested on pot charges. They were arrested for possession of marijuana as a result of an ongoing investigation, but not in connection with the incident at Logan High School.

One of the suspects, an 18-year-old, was not a student. The other is a student at Conlee Caribaou High School in Hayward. Union City police went to the high school in Hayward as part of the investigation at Logan High and there they found the student in possession of marijuana brownies. This is the second similar arrest at the school in a month.

Police have determined that the brownies at Logan High were not laced with heroin, as previously believed. Last week, five students became ill after eating the brownies and two were sent to the hospital.

Many are questioning why the students got ill. Police say one student had a convulsion. They say the other suffers from low blood sugar.

"We do anticipate potentially, additional arrests," said Lt. Ben Horner. "We've conducted some probation searches as well as several locker searches. The good news in our opinion is that we have no evidence at this point, absolutely no evidence that there was anything in any of the brownies or any of the students' systems, other than some marijuana."

"They have to be very careful in what they're doing," said parent Georgette Fitchie. "You cannot trust kids, even if it's in school. You cannot trust them at all. So, they just have to be very careful."

Police say they have identified the person who sold the brownies at Logan High and plan to arrest them.